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TALON Survey

We need your help. Ropella is conducting a short survey about crisis leadership.


Whether you are based in Chicago, New York, Paris, London, Tel Aviv or Beijing it is highly likely that you are hearing about the never ending crisis, events and significant distractions facing business leaders at almost every level, in every industry. One minute Boeing is fighting off a cyber incursion, the next minute we hear Tylenol is managing a product tampering incident, then PPG is cleaning up after a plant explosion, Sony is uncovering a financial fraud, BP is reeling from an environmental accident, and then a hurricane has just knocked offline your own principal manufacturing facility.

Are you and your team well prepared for these and other scenarios? Does your leadership have the skills to manage crisis before, during and after they occur? Is there more you could learn from the experts we have lined up? Would the Talon Challenge motivate you to bring your team for collaborative training? This is precisely what we would like to learn from our study and more.


As an organization that has an extensive lineup of corporate, military and homeland security subject matter experts working on the Talon Board of Advisors, Ropella is excited to be preparing to launch the launch the Talon Leadership Challenge. But before we do, we have taken on the task of learning first hand from our corporate technology clients, how we can best address their crisis training leadership needs.

Listening to our customers is very important to Ropella and this survey is just one way in which we are able to gain your input and better meet your needs. Our goal is to provide solid quantitative research that we believe will benefit the very clients we are planning to serve with this highly unique 3 day Talon Leadership experience.

We thank you in advance for investing the time to complete our online survey.

All Talon Survey participants who complete the survey will receive the following for investing the few minutes needed to help us out:

  • A coupon worth $1,000.00 off Ropella Group Search or Leadership Consulting services.
  • Access to review the final survey results when they are compiled.


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