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When the 2008 recession hit, it seemed like daily there was one bad news story after another. However, I've recently been seeing a lot of upbeat signs that the economy is regaining its strength. I'm even seeing reliable signs that Executive Search demand is picking up significant steam.

While we can still find a lot of negative news without having to look far (especially if we look in the rear view mirror), at least there's been a steady beat of positive news recently (some current, but most forward looking). That makes me excited about coming to work. Hopefully you too!

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When a crisis strikes, it is often accompanied by tragedy, loss of profits, and panic on many levels. Not to mention journalists, bloggers, and media types waiting for you to make a mistake and trip over your words so they can use them against you. When are you saying too much? How much is not enough? Will you be caught unprepared?

Our Crisis Management Expert and the President of Ropella Leadership Transformation for First Responders, Col Harry LeBoeuf, USAF (ret), has developed a new white paper on the 5 steps to help you prep for the unthinkable. Don't wait for the crisis to hit to begin planning — by then, it will be too late. 

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If you like what you read, we'll bring the Talon Challenge to you! The Talon Challenge is not a typical classroom learning workshop. Talon Challenge participants experience hands-on, real-world leadership challenges in a team-based, non-threatening, controlled environment, learning a variety of tools and tactics that can impact your entire organization. 

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Mark Woods is a successful entrepreneur, author, business owner, motivational speaker, and training consultant. He has a strong passion for helping individuals and organizations achieve their true potential through effective daily activity planning and management. Throughout his career he has held leadership roles with several organizations, where he implemented process management solutions to assist in new business development, branding, marketing, training, and client acquisition.

Mark and his father coauthored the book Attack Your Day! Before It Attacks You, where they have outlined fundamental principles that will help you learn fast, flexible, and easy solutions for greater productivity.

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The Ropella Group's strategic partnership with Bert Sperling, who has spent the past two decades helping people find their own Best Place to live, work, play, and retire, is complemented by Ropella's newly improved Compensation Comparison Calculator. Patrick Ropella and Bert have teamed up to offer the Smart Search System Compensation Comparison Calculator to Bert's followers.

This is an excellent tool that Ropella's clients and candidates alike use to identify and weigh the pros and cons of a career transition. Any details that could possibly change from one role to the next are outlined in this calculator, allowing individuals to insert applicable position information and accompanying notes. The optimal course of action for a career change can quickly be determined with a side-by-side view of what each opportunity offers. Whether you are the hiring manager making a job offer or a candidate figuring out your next step, the Compensation Comparison Calculator is an invaluable tool in navigating the sometimes difficult offer and acceptance process.

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New White Papers

The Ropella Group strives to always provide the best in leadership and business content with new white papers that supply valuable insight and information on a variety of topics. Recently, the Ropella Group published five new white papers to help you and your team become as efficient as possible.

Succession Planning:
What is it and who needs it? »

Succession planning is the strategy for finding suitable people to replace executives in an organization when current executives leave or retire.

Workplace DNA: The Proper Profile »
Understand how to acheive great results by attracting and retaining the right people.

Planning and Organizing Excellence »
Find out what is really a top priority and what isn't so that you can eliminate distractions and manage your time effectively.

Effective Delegation »
Sometimes passing the buck is hard to do. We help you make delegation as effective as possible.

What you should know about
excellence »
3 steps to making your team grow to the next level.


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July 2014

Growing Niche:

Natural Gas / Fracking

Natural Gas companies can count on Ropella to connect them with the best performers to help them succeed. Ropella has a proven record for finding the most appropriate candidates with relevant education, experience, and skills. Click the video below to learn more.

Ropella Expands Team!

As business has started to pick up, we have added eleven new Executive Search Consultants as well as Administrative Support Personnel to meet the fast growing hiring demands of our clients.

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Recent Placements

Ropella continues to place the top professionals in key positions for industry-leading companies, and this year is off to a great start, too! Congratulations to the individuals in their new roles listed below and to the companies who have hired these talented professionals!

U.S. Managing Director

Sales Manager

Technical Sales Manager, Product Manager, Regional Sales Manager, and multiple Sales Representatives

Principle Scientist, VP of Sales, COO, Vice President of R&D, and a Director of Product Development

Material Developer - Cushioning Technology and Material Developer - Knitted Technology

Marketing Manager and COO

Sales Manager - Mexico and Director of Wood Protection

Technical Services Manager and Color Match Team Member

The Right Hire, by Patrick RopellaTestimonials for Patrick Ropella's The Right Hire!

"After a career spanning more than 38 years in executive search and consulting, I can say without reservation that Patrick Ropella’s The Right Hire is without doubt the best publication I have read on the important subject of developing and executing an effective and successful staffing process."

Terry Petra, CPC,CTS,CIPC President and CEO, Professional Services Consultants

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Ropella is attending these upcoming industry events:

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July 22-24, Baltimore, MD

Happi Anti-Aging Conference

Sep 16-17, New Brunswick, NJ

AAPS Annual Meeting and Exposition

Nov 10-14, San Antonio, TX

Consumer Specialty Products Association

Dec 07-11, Fort Lauderdale, FL

If you're planning on attending any of these events, let us know and we'll get together and review your recruiting, retention and/or career development strategies.

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