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The Future of Leadership: Executive Briefing

In this powerful and energizing 90-minute Executive Briefing, Dr. Jim Harris crystallizes 25 years of research, consulting, and leadership transformation experience and clarifies how tomorrow’s best leaders will take themselves and their teams to a higher level of success and significance.

Guests will learn the 4 vital virtues of tomorrow’s great leaders, along with strategies, tactics, and tools they can immediately execute as principles in their daily lives.

Sponsored Briefing

This special, proprietary briefing is available for groups of 3 to 8 senior executives, to be held at your corporate offices. This face-to-face presentation normally costs $8,500 plus expenses; but, for a short time only, Ropella is priviledged to sponsor Dr. Harris and cover his presentation fee.

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Slots are filling up fast for Dr. Harris’ executive briefing (especially when sponsored by Ropella!), so contact me today to reserve a slot on our calendar!

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        Today there is a palpable cry ringing throughout the world for a higher-level leader – a leader motivated more by purpose, passion, and people than by profit, power, and prestige. In this highly inspirational and practical message, Dr. Jim teaches audiences how to become a leader of character, competence, courage, and commitment.  Filled with practical insights and simple wisdom, audiences leave with a fresh, dynamic, and timely model of leadership that grows a more profitable and principled-based organization.  Learn the four essential foundations for tomorrow’s successful leaders.