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We never felt that you were “teaching to us from a book”. The dynamics and interactivity of the exercises during the entire Ropella process were carefully crafted “for Separation Systems” as well as being well planned and executed. These exercises produced two important results. First, not only improved morale and sense of team work but also improved productivity. Second, the Ropella Process defined an action plan that should help us move closer to achieving our goal of improved employee retention and sustained growth. Thank you for helping us build a stronger team. We appreciate your continued monitoring and support.

Roberto Meneghini,
VP Software Engineering
Separation Systems

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Ropella is proud to use iRespond’s survey tools in group training sessions and seminars, giving us real-time assessment.

Process Snapshot


All engagements begin with an assessment phase. Where does the organization want to go? Where in that journey are they now? The assessment is both qualitative and quantitative. It provides a baseline from which to measure the progress of the initiative. All engagements are customized for your specific organization and goals.


We bring a desire to collaborate and to work with existing programs. We believe most organizations have already done some excellent work and have some excellent programs. We are here to enhance the use of and maximize the dollar value of these existing programs. Let’s all build on what your team has done – not tear it down. The process is designed to have flexibility, and to adjust to meet client needs.


To achieve the greatest possible value, any program must be led by the leaders of the organization.  We can train your employees to extend the program throughout your organization.


Sustainability is the key to long-term profitability. This requires a constancy of purpose and a reinforcement of those qualities / behaviors which lead to success. Ever vigilant!


We help establish measurement processes because, we know, what gets measured, gets done!


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