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Dr. Jim Harris is a genius in leadership and corporate excellence.

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Today’s most successful companies are blazing a new trail, one that shatters old models of business and embraces the new realities of an ever changing economic landscape.

These pathfinders refuse to succumb to following the omnipresent herd mentality of leading organizations solely upon the worn-out mantras of more profit and great market share.

Rather, these progressive and profitable companies take their businesses to a higher level of success and significance by:

  • Crystallizing their goals for CLARITY
  • Maximizing their strengths for LEVERAGE
  • Energizing their teams for EXECUTION
  • Realizing their significance for IMPACT


Ropella and Dr. Jim Harris offer you the following customized services to take your business to a higher level:


Taking Business to a Higher Level White Paper

Great organizations realize that, surrounded by the aftermath of the recession (layoffs, overwork, underpay, limited options), their employees and customers crave something more, something bigger, and something that has more meaning than a stock price or a quarterly return.

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Our team consists of seasoned business professionals with a wide variety of top-level experience not only in the global business world, but also in the armed forces and government.

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