Careers at Ropella
Careers at Ropella
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Values & Principles
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We are located in the Pensacola Bay Area, of Florida's Great Northwest
- where thousands live the way
millions wish they could.

Our headquarters are located at the corner of Industrial and Opportunity Drive - the perfect place for your career opportunity!

Skills vs. Attitudes

What's more important Skills or Attitude? "We hire for attitude and train for skills" is the motto of South West Airlines, and we think they're on to something great. Here at Ropella, we know the best team members are not necessarily those with the most credentials - they are the ones with great character and attitude.


Essential Attitudes:

  • Humility At All Times
  • Honesty To A Fault
  • Hunger to Succeed
  • Common Sense Smart
  • Eager to Learn and Improve


A Great Ropella Employee Is:

  • Well Organized
  • Self Disciplined
  • A Focused Listener
  • A Sales Professional
  • A Relationship Builder
  • Interested In Mastering Work


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