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Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

Why do professional athletes hire personal coaches? Because they know that increased personal performance leads to more wins, and greater profitability. Is your business interested in seeing greater personal and business performance, leading to more “wins” and an improved bottom line? We offer Executive Coaching sessions customized to improve individual performance in terms of improved understanding of goals and requirements, improved working relationships, and higher retention rates. With the ultimate result being an enhanced bottom line. Ropella has been providing high quality leaders to the business world for many years, now we are helping to make those leaders even better.

Is your senior executive/manager placement program a “one trick pony?”

Is your placement program based exclusively on recruiting, or do you have a clear “one-two punch” of recruiting and retention. Any successful program should have multiple routes to success. The best football teams have both running and passing games. The best executive placement programs should have not only a solid recruiting partnership, but also a strong program of coaching for success and retention. Let’s look at the current executive/manager retention situation. image

  • Valuable, skilled individuals are retiring in greater numbers.
  • Younger executives and managers are moving and “job-hopping” at a much greater rate than previous generations. Some reports indicate that many are planning on a move within three years of accepting their current position. Why?
    • They are seeking better personal growth potential
    • They are seeking (and expecting) faster advancement
  • Recruiting can be expensive. Some studies show the cost of recruiting is between two and three times the employee’s annual salary.

In most cases, recruiting is still the most viable approach; after-all, there is a serious “War for Talent” occurring in the corporate world, and it is important to compete. Companies might be wise, however, to consider adding the “second punch” of retention, i.e., executive coaching. Why?

  • Providing executive coaching sends a message to the individual that they are considered valuable by their company, indicating an opportunity for advancement.
  • Executive coaching also satisfies the personal desire for greater personal growth.
  • This helps to meet the individual’s needs and reduces the need/desire to move to another company and job.
  • Coaching also improves the value of that individual to the company. Thus, coaching serves to make the individual more valuable to the company by improving their capabilities, while also reducing turnover costs.

The ultimate purpose of executive coaching is twofold:

  • Improved individual personal and business related performance.
  • Increase return on investment for the organization.

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