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We never felt that you were “teaching to us from a book”. The dynamics and interactivity of the exercises during the entire Ropella process were carefully crafted “for Separation Systems” as well as being well planned and executed. These exercises produced two important results. First, not only improved morale and sense of team work but also improved productivity. Second, the Ropella Process defined an action plan that should help us move closer to achieving our goal of improved employee retention and sustained growth. Thank you for helping us build a stronger team. We appreciate your continued monitoring and support.

  Roberto Meneghini,
VP Software Engineering
Separation Systems, Inc

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As an attendee of Dr. Jim Harris’ Impact 2011, I gained many valuable insights that propelled my company to unprecedented growth. I look forward to the additional opportunities that Impact 2012 will provide to me and my team. This is an Executive Briefing I can’t afford to miss.

  Ronald C Tarkowski,
The Tark Group LLC

Bob Carroll and his team have helped me extensively over the past several years. The workshops he has designed and led have been on target and highly effective, and his executive coaching was particularly useful.

  Pat Donahue,
former President and Chairman
McDonald's of Canada, then McDonald's of Japan

Oftentimes when we want to increase our productivity we try to work harder or even smarter, when sometimes the answer is to simply work differently.  Impact 2011 helped me to increase our office productivity by working differently.  I am sure that Impact 2012 will do the same for your company.

Mike Hill,
State Farm Insurance Companies

Jim Harris is without question, one of the most dynamic speakers you will ever met. A morning with Jim will change your life.

Ed Guernsey,
President, Northwest Florida Financial
Guernsey & Associates was nice to spend this past Monday in an air-conditioned conference room participating in the Leadership in the Trenches Course at the ASFHS Center.  I enjoyed the course very much and after reviewing some the literature posted on Jim’s website, appreciate your efforts to really streamline the material to make it easily digestible and practical for all the participants regardless of position or experience.  For me, the course served as a good way to focus on my leadership style and refine some of my approaches in dealing with the wide range of direct reports that I oversee.  Simple concepts such as PREP which when combined with the principles of a Management Action Plan, can yield simple but effective results which if then actively supported can be sustained.  As Harry said,  “It’s not rocket science”.  However, it was a nice change to have things presented at a comfortable level of understanding instead of the usual “consultant talk”.

  Dennis W. Sheridan, MBA, FACHE,
Vice President, Administration
Winthrop-University Hospital

I wanted to send you a brief message to say how much I enjoyed participating in the recent Seminar held at Arkwin Industries.  For a one day event I got a tremendous amount of benefit from the program.  I also identified some bad habits that I am working to break as a result of your thought provoking style.  The hand-out you gave me is right on my desk as a reference.

Dan Walker,
Manager, Business Development
Hoppe Technologies, Inc

Thank you for your seminar at Arkwin Industries Friday, July 22, 2011. I found it extremely informative and truly enjoyed it. I have already put in place the ten minute huddle starting tomorrow. It was my pleasure to have met you.

  Jim Kelly,
Manager, Program Management
Arkwin Industries, Inc
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