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Why Ropella
It's good to be connected. We are constantly searching for people to fill a broad range of open positions in the global chemical and technology industries — and the first place we look is our own network.

Why Ropella?

Because we can find and recruit the highly specialized professionals your business demands

Founded in 1987, we have grown into the world’s leading executive search and consulting firm specializing in the chemical and allied industries.

How did we do it? By realizing that smart, experienced people are a company's most valuable competitive advantage and then developing a systematized search process that empowers us to quickly locate, assess, and recruit candidates who best fit a company's highly specialized needs and unique corporate culture.

We know the chemical and technology industries.
Ropella gives you an insider's advantage because we have experience in every facet of the global chemical industry, including personal care & detergents, paints & coatings, pharma & biotech, consumer products, energy, and plastics. In addition, we maintain a comprehensive, up-to-date database and a global network of personal relationships that is second to none.
 Our proprietary SMART Search System works.
Hunches and guesswork play no part in our executive searches. Only a systematized search process can lead to precise and predictable hiring results. That's why we developed a proprietary 3-stage / 12-step SMART Search System to carefully define your needs, identify and screen candidates, and grade prospects on a comprehensive set of skills, behaviors, and expectations to deliver only “best fit” candidates.
 We specialize in highly specific executive searches.
When our Executive Search Team learns of a new open position, an Industry Team Leader with expertise in your marketplace assembles a team and goes to work. Each team member offers a unique specialization by function, such as Sales, Marketing, R&D, Manufacturing, etc. Using our SMART Search System, combined with our expansive contact network, we're able to rapidly develop a list of candidates to meet any need, no matter how specific or complex.
 We deliver proven results in 60 days or less.
Why do the world's leading employers rely on Ropella? Because our industry expertise and process-driven methods produce a 95% success rate, with 80% of recruits being promoted to higher leadership positions. Plus, the long-term “stick rate” of our recruits is an impressive 98%, which translates into more loyal and more productive team members.


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