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In my 10 years with [Best Buy], I have not witnessed a standing ovation for an external speaker. The standing ovation you received …showcased the power of your ability to draw a team in on a topic, engage their viewpoints, and make them a believer.

Michael Trebony,
Innovation Catalyst Network,
Best Buy, Inc.

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Traditional measures of leadership success no longer suffice. Customers and society in general now demand far more from leaders than ever before.

Today’s best leaders meet the challenge. They know how to take themselves and their teams to a higher level, one that moves beyond mere success into significance.

These world-class leaders understand that to lead at a higher level, you must integrate the four vital virtues of leadership into their daily walk: Character, Competence, Courage, and Commitment.

Ropella and Dr. Jim Harris offer you the following customized services to take your business to a higher level:


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Traditional leadership training programs typically focus only what leaders are to “DO” (skills-based training). These well-intentioned programs unfortunately end up producing somewhat skilled managers who often lack the integrity, boldness, and dedication to gallantly lead their organizations into an uncertain and turbulent future.

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Organizations need leaders motivated by purpose, passion, and people instead of profit, power, and prestige. It is time to transform the way we approach leadership - it is time to take leadership to a higher level.

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Quick overview of leadership topics and workshops that we cover.

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Our team consists of seasoned business professionals with a wide variety of top-level experience not only in the global business world, but also in the armed forces and government.

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