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Published Articles

Patrick Ropella and other team members write and contribute to numerous articles on human capital management issues in a wide range of industry publications. A selection of these articles is collected here.

Recent Additions...

04/16    Pensacola News Journal    Growing Santa Rosa’s Worldwide Industry
11/15    Inform    Career Advice: How to Find and Work with a Headhunter
10/15    850 Business Magazine    The 2015 Pinnacle Awards Winners
04/15    850 Business Magazine    850 Business Magazine
03/15    NutraCos    Evaluating your candidates further with other tools
03/15    Inform    How to make LinkedIn work for you
01/15    Chemical Industry Digest    How to mix and match generations and nationalities in today’s constantly changing workplace
01/15    PharmaChem    Evaluating your candidates further with other tools
01/15    NutraCos    Getting a look behind the mask: Evaluating talent
01/15    NutraCos Cosmetics    Hiring researchers and recruiters - Pros and cons
11/14    NutraCos    Grading candidates for comparison using a candidate scorecard
11/14    Happi    Organizational Congruence Is Your Link To Greatness