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Patrick and Robbie Ropella Featured in 850 Magazine

Posted: 04/20/2015  Category: RG Public Relations, Ropella Answers,   ShareThis Article


Patrick & Robbie Ropella at the Ropella Headquarters
Special thanks to 850 Business Magazine for featuring Patrick and Robbie Ropella in the April-May 2015 issue. Here's an excerpt:

“Once you get somebody into a company like Nike and they can put that on their résumé, and it’s changed their life, and you’ve helped a company the size of Nike really implement talent, it’s just a win-win situation all around,” [Robbie Ropella] said, adding later, “It’s just the best dream job that anyone could possibly have.”

To read the full article, "The Company You Call to Find the Needle in a Haystack," click here.

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