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More Ropella Retainers

Posted: 07/21/2014  Category: RG Executive Search Assignments, Ropella Newsroom,   ShareThis Article

The economy is slowly but surely heating up, and Ropella has experienced a record-breaking year. More and more industry leaders are entrusting their important searches to the Ropella team. Some of the recent retainers include:

A General Manager for Synthomer

R&D Chemist for Emery Oleochemicals

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Ropella Adds New Support Staff

Posted: 07/17/2014  Category: RG Company News, RG Employee News, Ropella Newsroom,   ShareThis Article

As Ropella’s Search business heats up and the company expands, the Ropella Group has recently added several support personnel to the team to facilitate the new growth. Meet the new faces at Ropella:

Katja Karczewski, Communications Associate

Troy Stepherson, Marketing Manager

Steven Hofheinz, IT Assistant and Database Developer

Jonathan Klempa, Graphics Designer

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Ropella Expanding!

Posted: 07/10/2014  Category: RG Company News, RG Employee News, Ropella Newsroom,   ShareThis Article

As Ropella continues to grow and expand market share, major companies around the world are retaining the Ropella Group for their most important searches. To meet the rising demand, Ropella has been adding new headhunters to the team to ensure each client gets the personalized attention and service they need. Say congratulations to the newest Executive Search Consultants to join the Ropella team:

Jess Kelly

Megan Williams

Adam Klempa

Michael Melendez

Scott Schmieder

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Placements Heating Up

Posted: 06/30/2014  Category: RG Executive Search Placements, Ropella Newsroom,   ShareThis Article

Placements are heating up for Ropella this Summer! As new retainers pour in, successful hires for Ropella’s clients are a regular occurrence. Some of the most recent success stories include:

Bill Throndset, Senior Staff Scientist for Microbial Physiology at Novozymes

Erica Gibson, R&D Chemist at Wörwag Coatings

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Newest Ropella Placements

Posted: 06/19/2014  Category: RG Executive Search Placements, Ropella Newsroom,   ShareThis Article

Ropella continues to lead the industry in successful and timely placements. Among the recent hires are:

Mark Kinkelaar, Senior Market Development Manager, Eco Friendly Polyols for Emery Oleochemicals

Delrika Curry, East Coast Account Manager for BASF

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Spotlight: The Other Side of Patrick Ropella

Posted: 05/19/2014  Category: RG Employee News, Miscellaneous, RG Public Relations, Ropella Newsroom,   ShareThis Article

Patrick Ropella can be intense, but he doesn’t take himself too seriously. That’s why, twice a week, he breaks from the hustle & bustle of running a global business where he recruits top executives for companies like Dow, Nike, Sony, and numerous other leading technology companies.

His new hobby is far from…READ MORE

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Say Hello at the Next Trade Show

Posted: 03/10/2014  Category: RG Company News, Miscellaneous, Industry News, RG Public Relations, Industry Trade Shows, Ropella Newsroom,   ShareThis Article

The Ropella team is in the middle of Trade Show season, booking meetings with company executives, catching up on the latest industry trends, and connecting with the movers and shakers of the Chemical and Allied industries. At this year’s PCPC convention, Patrick and Robbie Ropella bumped into the leadership team at Akzo Nobel and posed for the photo below. If you see any of the Ropella team at the next expo or convention, be sure to say hi!

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Winter Heating Up for Ropella with Latest String of Placements

Posted: 01/20/2014  Category: RG Company News, RG Executive Search Placements, Ropella Newsroom,   ShareThis Article

This Winter has been rather busy for Ropella with the most recent string of placements including well over half a dozen successful searches satisfactorily concluded. Here are a few roles filled this Winter. Congratulations to the successful candidates!

Regional Sales Managers for Oxiteno: Carl Cappabianca and Vince Abraham;

Director of Sales & Marketing/Managing Director for Novasol Chemicals: Mark Willis

Executive Vice President, Sales & Marketing/New Business Development for Resinate Materials Group: Brian Chermside

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Retainers with Nike and More

Posted: 01/10/2014  Category: RG Company News, RG Executive Search Assignments, Ropella Newsroom,   ShareThis Article

Ropella’s executive search division continues to offer consistent results when placing leaders in some of the world’s most successful companies. Ropella’s recent deal with Nike and several other retainers underscore the fact that more and more organizations look to Ropella to meet talent needs. Recent retained searches include:

Materials Developer, Cushioning Technology and Materials Developer, Knitted Technology with Nike;

Sales Manager for Oxiteno;

And Regional Sales Manager for Severstal.

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Ropella Ends Year With String of Placements

Posted: 01/02/2014  Category: RG Company News, RG Executive Search Placements, Ropella Newsroom,   ShareThis Article

Ropella closed out a strong year with a whole string of successful placements, including:

Ro Oteri, Vice President/General Manager for Presperse;

Rick Tabor, Executive Vice President of Technology and Development for Resinate Materials Group;

And Dilip Mathur, R&D Technical Service Chemist for Oxiteno.

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