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The world's top employers rely on Ropella to fill specialized positions in highly demanding industries

We know that in the chemical and technology industries, searching for the ideal candidate can be highly challenging.

You're not just looking for a chemist; you're looking for a surfactants synthesis chemist or perhaps a polymer chemist based in China with experience in super absorbent diapers. Your needs are specific and often difficult to satisfy. And that's where Ropella excels.

If you're looking for someone with a highly specific set of skills, in a specific industry, or in a specific location, call us. We have Executive Search Consultants who specialize in your field and who can use our SMART Search System to find, screen, and recruit the ideal candidate within 60 days or less.



Ropella's proven proprietary SMART Search System has been successfully connecting companies with proven executives and consultants for over 25 years.

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