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Biofuels, Biodiesel, and Ethanol

Industry Overview:

Due to increasing awareness regarding the importance of renewable energy and fuels – and escalating fuel prices – the market for biofuels, biodiesel, and ethanol has skyrocketed. These alternative fuels have a tremendous potential to decrease carbon emissions and moderate oil prices. This growing market extends beyond just the automobile industry, as more train lines and aircraft companies embrace the possibilities. Even Disneyland powers its steam trains with biodiesel created from recycled french fry cooking oil!

There is still much work to be done in helping the world to fully embrace these renewable energy sources. New and exciting research opportunities abound to ensure the long-term feasibility of biofuel, biodiesel, and ethanol production. This includes such fields as molecular breeding to significantly improve yields of new hybrids, and algae biofuel, which would not compete with food production for precious farmland and fresh water resources.

Common Applications:
  • Fermentation, distillation
  • Conversion
  • Management of land
  • Raw materials – corn, sugar, etc.
  • Supply chain improvement, fuel stations, etc.
  • Fermentation, distillation
  • Conversion Enzymes, mass spectroscopy, etc.
  • Refining
  • Marketing, public education, etc.
  • Environmental regulations, sustainability, etc.
  • Safety, health
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With over 25 years as a top energy industry recruitment agency, Ropella is well-versed in the challenges companies face in their search to find highly qualified professionals. As talent acquisition specialists, we excel at attracting, recruiting and building relationships with potential candidates. Our executive search consultants stay abreast of current industry trends making Ropella a knowledgeable, efficient and effective partner for recruiting top energy talent.

A proven executive search firm, Ropella is dedicated to helping companies gain a competitive advantage by providing customized and strategic talent solutions. We leverage our industry expertise, proprietary smart search system and global network to deliver exceptional results quickly for even the most challenging searches. Successful industry leaders count on Ropella to find the right talent to drive their business forward.


The typical positions, roles and/or functions our search consultants serve include:

Sales (such as; new business development, key account management, technical service, customer service, branch, district, region, national, global in scope).
Marketing (such as market research, market analyst, consumer research, public relations, social media, communications, product management).
Manufacturing (such as operations, production, engineering, plant design, process development, pilot plant, scale up).
Research & Development (such as exploratory research, discovery research, synthesis, analytical, applications development, new product development, formulations, compounding, quality control, environmental, regulatory, health and safety).
Administration (such as procurement, supply chain, logistics, human resources).
Business Management (such as general management, executive, manager, director, vice president, c-suite and board member, commercial development, merger, acquisition, joint venture).
Venture Capital / Private Equity (such as administration and finance, commercial development, executive level management, human resources, mfg., marketing, r&d, sales)
We read and write the industry publications, including:
We participate in industry associations such as:
We regularly attend industry trade shows, including:
We have served and developed relationships with leading companies in the industry, including:
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Biofuels, Biodiesel, & Ethanol
General Manager,
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For more information, contact:

Scott Schmieder

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I had been looking for some good sales people through my own networks and word of mouth for the last few years. Unfortunately with little or no success. I finally decided to work with an executive search firm to help me find prospects. After doing a lot of due diligence to try to determine which company might be the best fit for our needs, The Ropella Group seemed like the right choice. In fact, I cannot imagine having made a better choice. Working with them has been very easy. They are extremely responsive to any request that I made; the company introduction document that they created was very much to the point and hit the perfect notes of what makes our company successful and most importantly the quality of the candidates was to me, amazingly to the point. In fact, they offered me the resumes of 12 candidates and actually I believe that every single one of them would have been successful for the position of Executive VP that we were seeking. In the end, we hired the best candidate, who was also (we learned later) who Ropella believed would be our best choice. I would give the Ropella Group and Robbie Ropella in particular a 10 out of 10 rating. We will certainly look to Ropella again in future when seeking new executive or sales employees.

International Specialty Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
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