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Environmental Engineering

Industry Overview:

The U.S. Department of Labor is hardly alone with its prediction that environmental engineering will grow much more rapidly than most fields in the next 10 years. The worldwide demand for cleaner land, water and air will significantly raise the demand for people who can expertly use science and engineering to improve public health and solve problems.

Specialized training – even a law degree—can help an environmental engineer, who will work with engineers from other fields – building wastewater treatment facilities, understanding the impact of chemicals, managing energy. Multi-tasking and frequent updating of skills will be required; the push for better environment is likely to fuel an explosion in new knowledge and techniques.

Success also calls for communication skills and the ability to simultaneously obtain public approval for a project as well as steer through government channels and meet budget and time constraints. The demand for environmental engineers will be high, but so will be the demands on environmental engineers.

Common Applications:
  • Industrial hygiene
  • Government regulation
  • Sustainability
  • Financial management
  • Environmental chemistry
  • Ecological influencers
  • Ability to build consensus and deal with various constituencies
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