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Executive Level Management

Industry Overview:

The job requires a great grasp of “the big picture,” plus in-depth understanding of business fundamentals and strategizing for the benefit of both customer and company. The demands in this area are especially high, so the best candidate must possess education, experience, a broad background, decision-making skills and the ability to lead. At this level, decisions must be made in a timely manner, with an eye to return to investment; this leadership sets the tone for the entire company.

Communication skills can’t be overlooked; in today’s global economy, a leader must constantly be talking about the company’s vision, listening to customers and employees, explaining policies and guiding subordinates in ways to raise profits and reduce costs. Technical and functional expertise deserve great weight, as does background in a relevant field – law, finance etc.

The executive level manager doesn’t shy away from problems; he tackles them, develops solutions and carries them out. With our deep experience in management fields, Ropella can identify the best candidates for executive level management.

Common Applications:
  • Business knowledge and contacts
  • Communication skills
  • Decision-making
  • Leadership
  • Strategizing
Look for our articles in Business Week and other industry publications..

With over 25 years of recruiting and hiring experience, Ropella understands the executive position and staffing challenges faced by many industries. This first-hand knowledge of industry companies, their competitors, staffing requirements, combined with our custom industry database and contacts means that we can find just the right fit, qualified to grow your great company, quickly and efficiently.

Our Executive Search Consultants attend many industry events and tradeshows as you, and are likely members of the same trade associations, constantly networking with potential candidates for your company. If you are looking for a highly qualified and professional recruiter, or executive search consultant (headhunter), give Ropella a call and put our people and process to work for you!

We read and write for industry publications, including:
We participate in industry associations such as:
We regularly attend industry trade shows, including:
We have served and developed relationships with leading companies in the industry, including:
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Chemical Distribution & Trading
President and CEO,
Helm US
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Scott Schmieder

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It is quite clear that you have a well developed networking system and a broad base of contacts in the chemical industry…you were able to generate a group of high quality candidates…in a short period of time.  I appreciate the time you took getting to know our needs, personalties, and corporate culture.  In closing, your follow up skills and ability to convey the candidates feelings and positions…were very professional.  I enjoy your stick-to-itivness and style.

President & CEO
Mona Industries
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