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Lab Chemicals and Analytical Reagents

Industry Overview:

Purity and consistency are bywords in this field, which is the basis for so much of modern science’s achievements. Because scientific experiments are so important, the most valuable employees are meticulous yet open to finding new applications.

They rely on these chemicals and reagents to determine purity and maximize quality and consistency. They also prize functionality and realize the importance of analysis and the processes it can establish.

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Common Applications:
  • Purity standards
  • Formulation
  • Analysis – HPLC, LC/MS, etc.
  • Chromatography, spectrophotometry
  • Solvents, fine chemicals, etc.
  • UV absorbency, residue after evaporation, etc.
  • Separation, reproducibility, etc.
  • Chemical hygiene plan – laboratory safety, destruction of chemicals, etc.
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With over 25 years of recruiting experience in the Chemical Industry, Ropella understands the unique career, recruitment, and hiring challenges faced by the Chemical industry. This first-hand knowledge of your customers, facilities, production, and current chemical industry trends means we can find just the right experts or careers, quickly and efficiently.

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The typical positions, roles and/or functions our search consultants serve include:

Sales (such as; new business development, key account management, technical service, customer service, branch, district, region, national, global in scope).
Marketing (such as market research, market analyst, consumer research, public relations, social media, communications, product management).
Manufacturing (such as operations, production, engineering, plant design, process development, pilot plant, scale up).
Research & Development (such as exploratory research, discovery research, synthesis, analytical, applications development, new product development, formulations, compounding, quality control, environmental, regulatory, health and safety).
Administration (such as procurement, supply chain, logistics, human resources).
Business Management (such as general management, executive, manager, director, vice president, c-suite and board member, commercial development, merger, acquisition, joint venture).
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