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Industry Overview:

Marketing is an increasingly complex field that explains the value of a product or service, but it can be extremely beneficial if it is done right. Today’s successful marketing practitioners must be savvy in numerous venues – mobile and social media as well as traditional media - to reach the desired audiences.

There’s a significant demand for marketing professionals who are adept at various media as well as branding, relationship-building, advertising, public relations and other aspects of marketing that can make or break a product in the marketplace. For some marketing positions, however, a specialist may be the best choice.

Ropella can efficiently find the right people to maximize your marketing efforts. Because we are so deeply immersed in this industry, we always have our eyes open for proven marketing leaders and the next marketing star for our clients.

Common Applications:
  • Marketing – Internet, mobile, on-site, social, viral, new media, websites
  • Advertising
  • Public relations
  • Relationship building
  • Integrated marketing
  • Holistic marketing
  • Traditional media – newspaper, television, radio, billboard, magazine etc.
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With over 25 years of recruiting and hiring experience, Ropella understands the executive position and staffing challenges faced by many industries. This first-hand knowledge of industry companies, their competitors, staffing requirements, combined with our custom industry database and contacts means that we can find just the right fit, qualified to grow your great company, quickly and efficiently.

Our Executive Search Consultants attend many industry events and tradeshows as you, and are likely members of the same trade associations, constantly networking with potential candidates for your company. If you are looking for a highly qualified and professional recruiter, or executive search consultant (headhunter), give Ropella a call and put our people and process to work for you!

We read and write for industry publications, including:
We associate with industry associations such as:
We regularly attend industry trade shows, including:
We have served and developed relationships with leading companies in the industry, including:
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Agriculture, Fertilizer & Pest Control Mfg.
VP of Sales & Marketing/COO,
The Roullier Group
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Jeff Bennett

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I’d like to thank you and your team for the support received in the recent job searches.  Your efforts to systematically identify candidates, pre-screen them and follow up throughout the interview process was impeccable, leading to 2 key hires in less than a month.  Most impressive was your “Checkster” report and the quick turnaround provided on these key documents.  Finally, your understanding and appreciation for the types of candidates that matched best to the positions was very much appreciated.

Global Sales Director
Dow Kokam
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