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Flex Schedules and Summer Fun!

Author: Robbie Ropella  Posted 6 years, 6 months, 1 week, 23 hours, 51 minutes ago.   ShareThis Article

Robbie shares her thoughts…
Now that summer’s here, we all have the desire to be able to get outside and enjoy the sunshine.  I know that last year it seemed the sun would shine all week long, and the weather would be perfect, only to have the weekend arrive and we would have nonstop thunder storms.  That was a bit depressing to say the least. 

This summer I am going to be working on a flex schedule.  I’d like to occasionally have a three day weekend so I’ll be putting extra time in Monday through Thursday, so that I can have that extra Friday off.  Happy content employees make the best employees and having a flex schedule allows freedom and flexibility to actually schedule some much-needed, downtime/fun-in-the-sun, mental health days.

In order to make this happen, I will need to work smarter not harder, and carefully prioritize my Blue Chips.  Blue Chips are the top three priorities that you have to finish by the end of the day/week.  By writing them down and reviewing them first thing in the week/morning I know just what it’s going to take to accomplish them by Thursday, so that I can take Friday off.  Yes, this may mean that I’m working until 8:00 PM both Wednesday and Thursday night, but having that extra day off at the beach is definitely worth it!

Pat responds…
Yes, “Flex Schedules” are important.  More and more “Best Places To Work” companies are understanding that, as people work longer hours, they simply need more time to take care of family and errands during working hours. And flex schedules allow for this much better than the standard 8 to 5, Monday-through-Friday work week.  If you hire the right people and then let them have flex schedules, most will actually give you more hours than less.  As a world class, prime example - Google gets this and is famous and highly successful for it.  Work hard – play hard.  I have to go golfing sometimes just to recharge my batteries.  Doing so on Saturday when the course is packed is more stressful than going on Wednesday at 9:00.  I’d rather take some time off to golf during the week and have the course almost empty and wrap up business on Saturday.  Sounds great doesn’t it?  Well it’s Wednesday, so I’m off to the Green. See you there!

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