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Have a Heart for Those in Need

Author: Robbie Ropella  Posted 6 years, 7 months, 2 weeks, 2 hours, 24 minutes ago.   ShareThis Article

Robbie shares her thoughts…
Watching the news can be an addiction for sure, especially when we become immersed in the updates on natural disasters such as the earthquake and tsunami that just occurred over in Japan.  It’s heartbreaking to hear of the loss of life and other families searching desperately to find and locate their missing loved ones.  This may be politically incorrect to say, but as a women, these stories effect me emotionally and pull on my heart strings motivating me to take action in some small way. 

With the busy schedules we all face, it only takes a moment to break away and make an impact and feel as if you’re making a difference by giving online to various reputable organizations.  With technology as it is, we are truly a global world and are connected by simply turning on CNN.  Let’s use that technology to make a difference and impact others’ lives. One person can make a difference.

Pat responds…
As a highly focused man, I might tend to focus on my business here and not pay much attention to what happens on the other side of the planet. This is how a lot of men compartmentalize things as a means of focusing on the goal. It sounds cold, but we sometimes just don’t think about it if it’s not right in front of us. On the other hand, Hurricane Ivan, a category 5, came right through my backyard In Pensacola, FL a few years back and knocked my business completely out of commission for more than 30 days. Thank God we got help from others or we never would have been able to recover from the loss of income and the mountain of payroll and bills. So let’s not shut off the bad news just because it’s not directly happening to us. Because bad news just as easily could be our turn next - that’s called perspective. Reach out and help others whenever and wherever you can and as often as possible - that’s called paying it forward.

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