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It’s Springtime

Author: Patrick Ropella  Posted 6 years, 7 months, 3 weeks, 3 days, 8 hours, 35 minutes ago.   ShareThis Article

Pat shares his thoughts…
Ahhh…spring is in the air.  This week we got a nice Caribbean style wind blowing straight into the panhandle of Florida; as a result the average temperature was in the low 70’s - Perfect! I sure am looking forward, over the coming weeks, to getting my golf clubs cleaned, my surf boards waxed, the jet ski’s tuned in, and my sunroof opened up.  Now the challenging part is finding time to play the links, hit the waves, and actually taking some time off to enjoy this great spring weather.

I have almost twenty five direct reports, between full time and part time employees, including independent contractors who work in my leadership, and at some point during the week they all need some help from me on projects, with questions or creative solutions, etc.  I also have a large list of client and candidate relationships I am regularly responsible for maintaining.

So while I may have grandiose ideas of enjoying the beautiful weather and experiencing a little down time, the truth of the matter is it’s Saturday - 1:00 PM, and I’m in my office right now writing this blog post, and I’ve been here since very early in morning.  Please don’t get me wrong - as I’m not complaining.  Quite the contrary, I am extremely blessed.  God’s given me a thriving business and a gift for organization, and I love my work.  I just need more balance, more time to play, and more fun in the sun. I need to improve last year’s record of all work and no play. Just praying that by the time I do get out to play - spring will still be here. 

Robbie responds…
Spring in Florida is indeed the best season of all and it doesn’t last long.  That is why I’m am taking action to make sure Pat doesn’t miss it being bogged down in the office.  I have taken the liberty of going into his daily planner for the next 6 weeks and scheduling a fun outing every other Saturday and every other Sunday.  Pat lives by this calendar and this way he won’t over commit and will have the time to enjoy the fun things in life.  Powder-white sandy beaches, playing golf with his two sons, jet skiing through the surf, taking his grandson, Landon, to the Zoo, and of course kayaking and playing tennis with the love of his life, me!

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