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The Help - Do What’s Right

Author: Patrick Ropella  Posted 6 years, 2 months, 3 weeks, 2 days, 12 hours, 44 minutes ago.   ShareThis Article

Pat shares his thoughts…
Just saw the movie, The Help. It was a real eye opener to say the least. There are a couple of issues this movie addresses that I feel strongly about. The obvious one being racism. I feel God created one race (The Human Race), and we come in all sizes, shapes, and colors. Individuals who have to put others down in order to elevate themselves are often mean-spirited, insecure, and uneducated.

The other issue raised in this movie is bulling. Thank God I wasn’t living in the South during the Civil Rights Movement - because I can’t stand bullies and I don’t bite my tongue well at all. Why people feel the need to stand above others, isolate, segregate, and just be mean spirited to those who look, speak, or act differently, is beyond my comprehension. Followers who stand by and watch such outrageous behavior and then choose to go along with the herd mentality are just as bad as the bullies themselves.

What can we do as individuals?

I pray that as individuals we would look past our differences and instead turn our commonalities and aspirations into a movement for freedom, peace, and equality for all by simply connecting with and respecting others in our day to day life. Let us be an example to this next generation and have the strength to stand up and speak for those who can’t.  Let’s all be a Skeeter (see movie).

Robbie responds…
Pat was a little put off when I dragged him to the movie “The Help,” as most would classify it a Chick Flick, but he loved the film and found it inspirational to boot.  It was good to see a snapshot of how each individual in this movie dealt with the circumstances they faced.  Some were able to fight through their fear and take a stand to give injustice a voice while others refused to come forward and be counted.  Many refused to think for themselves. Instead, they willingly went with the flow, even when they knew their leader was cruel, vindictive, and callous, rather than risk being ostracized.  A large handful of individuals were able to do what was right after others had taken the lead and faced the opposition head on.

I guess this movie and its characters are quite applicable to us today.  When you look at this movie, you can internalize it and decide which individual you will be. Will you take a stand for what’s right even when it costs you something?  Will you look the other way as long as it doesn’t directly affect you?  Do you manipulate and bully those around you to make them fold or comply to your wishes/demands?  The good news is that it’s never too late to change and do what’s right - just ask Skeeter’s mom!


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