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It's good to be connected. We are constantly searching for people to fill a broad range of open positions in the global chemical and technology industries — and the first place we look is our own network.

Patrick Ropella's latest book, The Right Hire, provides a comprehensive, step-by-step breakdown of how you can implement the SMART™ Search System into your organization.

The SMART Search System™

The SMART Search System takes the guesswork out of hiring to avoid disappointment and assure success

Ropella has revolutionized hiring in the same way Six Sigma revolutionized manufacturing.

Our proprietary SMART Search System offers you a customized, process-driven, 3-stage / 12-step process for finding and recruiting experienced employees with highly specialized skills.

Trusted by the world's top employers, this unique system identifies exactly what you're looking for, matches these requirements precisely with carefully screened candidates, and grades prospective employees on a comprehensive set of skills, behaviors, and expectations.

"Ropella Recruits Exceptional Talent - Exceptionally Fast!"

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Our SMART Search System Overview presentation provides a quick overview of what sets Ropella apart from other search firms, and how Ropella works to find you the right person for each position.

A 3 Stage/12 Step Search Process:

Stage 1 - SMART Strategy & Launch

  Step 1: Aligning Expectations Agreements
    Search Agreement Documents

Our team aligns expectations with the hiring team (typically the
Hiring Manager, Human Resources Manager and others involved in the interviewing and hiring process) to make sure we're partnering efficiently and effectively.

It's our process; we've invested 30 years reviewing and refining the SMART Search System. So we know what typically works best, but it's not our way or the highway. We are flexible for our clients.

  Step 2: Search Prep Questionnaire
    Search Prep Questionnaire

Using our 60 question Information Gathering Process, we conduct a comprehensive information gathering process with the Hiring Manager and Human Resources Representative at the beginning of every search. We do this to make sure our team fully understands your specific hiring need, as well the cultural dynamics and management style issues for each search. We want to put in place a strong search strategy to eliminate misunderstandings and avoid wasting time on the wrong recruiting paths.

  Step 3: Opportunity Marketing Piece
    Opportunity Marketing Piece

After completing the Information Gathering Process, our in-house marketing team puts together a custom Opportunity Marketing Piece to present the opportunity to passive candidates. Passive candidates are those individuals who are happily employed, successful, and not actively seeking other opportunities, who typically need a great presentation to get their attention.

  Step 4: Skills Survey
    Skill Survey

The skills & experiences application, or what we call a “Skills Survey”, is custom created based on your own MUST HAVES to address your specific opportunity. This helps us screen the best A & B candidates and allows you to spend less time reviewing resumes of misfits (the C candidates) so that you can invest more time interviewing only those who are most qualified.

  Step 5: Scorecard
    Score Card

The Scorecard works in conjunction with the Skill Survey allowing our team of consultants to carefully assess and logically score each candidate, so that we only submit the most qualified candidates. We score on both hard-skills and experiences, as well as soft issues such as compensation, relocation, and competing opportunities.

  Step 6: Performance Standards Assessment
    Performance Standards Assessment

We oftentimes consult with our clients on the value of setting behavior standards, assessing performance and cultural fit with a variety of personality profiling and function specific assessment tools, as well as On The Job testing.


Available assessment resources:

    Birkman LogoMBTI Logo DiSC LogoClic Logo Center for Creative Leadership LogoChally Group Logo Gabriel Institute Logo

Stage 2 - SMART Recruiting & Interviewing

  Step 7: Candidate Interviews
    Telephone Interview Preparation

After research into candidate pools is completed, our subject matter expert recruiting teams push forward and run comprehensive recruiting campaigns to identify and surface the ideal targeted candidates. Then we submit and schedule interviews, and help cultivate a relationship between clients and candidates to have the most productive interviews possible.

  Step 8: Hiring Team Interviews
    Behavior Interview Preparation

While you’re interviewing your first slate of candidates, our team of Executive Search Consultants continue to recruit, building backup slates of candidates, so we don’t lose momentum and unnecessary time to delays.

Meanwhile your Client Manager stays in touch with the remaining candidates, verifying and/or acquiring additional final screening information.

  Step 9: Candidate Interview Debrief
    Candidate Debriefing

After the interview, we invest time with each candidate finalist and listen to their interests, concerns, needs and wants, in order to develop a deeper relationship based on mutual trust and respect.

  Step 10: Hiring Team Debrief
    Hiring Team Debriefing

We also listen carefully to the hiring team for additional information about each candidate’s pros and cons as we continue to move forward through the interview and final selection stages of the hiring process.


Stage 3 - SMART Hiring & Onboarding

  Step 11: Reference & Background Checks

We will conduct whatever type of reference checks are needed to help us assess candidates more fully. Checkster is a very unique and highly productive web based reference check tool we that we use on most searches.

  Step 12: Compensation Benefits & Relocation Assessment
    Compensation CalculatorHousing Logos

Our propriety Compensation Comparison Calculator is a powerful tool to compare and contrast the long list of variables between a candidates past and current circumstances verses what you might offer. The offer stage can often get very complicated. Our Calculator brings all of the numerous compensation factors into one convenient document for easy comparison.

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