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Do you have an Open Position? Send us a little information and we will have an Executive Search Consultant specializing in your area give you a call for free consultation.
It's good to be connected. We are constantly searching for people to fill a broad range of open positions in the global chemical and technology industries — and the first place we look is our own network.

Patrick Ropella's latest book, The Right Hire, provides a comprehensive, step-by-step breakdown of how you can implement the SMART™ Search System into your organization.

Ropella Frequently-Asked-Questions

Our SMART Search System Overview presentation provides a quick overview of what sets Ropella apart from other search firms, and how Ropella works to find you the right person for each position.
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FAQ  Client Questions


Executive Search & Hiring Posters

Why Use An Executive Search Consultant

It is important to use an executive search consultant for their broader networks, consulting approach, expertise, and reliability, etc.

Selecting An Executive Search Consultant

How to select the right executive search consultant, evaluating the most important things you are looking for.

Comparing Search Methods

Examining the differences between the contingency vs. retained approach to recruiting.

Contingency vs. Retained

Examining the differences between the contingency vs. retained approach to recruiting.

Marriage of Services

The married view of a the recruiting process at the consultant level shows the main steps of the relationship between the executive search consultant firm and the client.


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