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Checkster: Personal Performance Management, 360 Degree Feedback, Career Assessment and Development


Checkster is a web-based reference checking software that is geared to provide control, confidentiality, and a polished process for both our candidates and their references. The quality of the Checkster software is unmatched. It is easy to use, by references, candidates, our HR partners, and hiring managers alike. This software dramatically upgrades the old telephone system for checking references of candidates by making the process faster, more effective, and quality focused. Most significantly, Checkster puts you, the candidate, in the driver's seat. Rather than providing a list of names and numbers of people for a third-party, for instance the HR partners and recruiters at Ropella, to contact, Checkster enables you to directly input the optimal references for the specific job.

Concerning your references, Checkster makes the reference checking process enormously easy. Your references do not have to fear a daunting or lengthy phone conversation with a stranger, with no clue as to what questions they may be asked. Your references simply receive an email from Checkster with a link to the Checkster survey, which only takes a few minutes to fill out. It’s thorough and precise. The questionnaire only asks questions relevant to the job you are being considered for and pertaining to your unique career progression. By using this method Checkster eliminates pointless questions and gathers verifiable, quantifiable, quality information about your work ethic, career milestones and personality.

Another benefit of using Checkster is that it keeps your information safe and secure, visible only to the parties involved in your screening process. Your references are given complete anonymity while you enjoy the security of a centralized report without any fear of it being accessible over search engines, discussed in social networks, or lost over email. Compliance with the process and including required signatures on all forms is 100% guaranteed to limit exposure to legal issues. This protects you by preventing the loss or leak of confidential information, allowing you, and your references, to breathe easy.

Unlike the traditional telephone method, Checkster allows you to have a minute-by-minute view of the process rather than waiting and worrying about when you'll hear back on how the reference-checking process is fairing. You have complete access to the survey through the use of a monitoring portal. Furthermore, Checkster will send you daily status update emails. Thus you are able to view who has responded and who has not, again putting you in the driver’s seat and allowing you to provide more references if necessary. Sure and simple, Checkster is a system which strives to give you control of the reference checking process.

Finally, a significant and extremely important characteristic for candidates to present to their references and potential boss is an air of professionalism.  You may have often heard the expression, "First impressions are often entirely wrong." Interviews alone can leave you feeling unsure if you made a lasting impression or convinced the hiring team that you are the outstanding candidate you believe yourself to be. Checkster is your backup support. Your references are checked and organized into a pleasant and attractive report for your interviewer and hiring manager to read. Checkster gives you that professional air that is so valuable in a potential hire, which is why our clients love Checkster too.

The benefits of using Checkster are unmatched. It is a safe, simple, and serious tool.

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