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How To Get A High Powered Resume That Wins Interviews.



As a professional, you have worked long and hard to attain your current level of expertise and experience. You know the industry well and what it takes to achieve success. You are now ready for your next challenge.

Isn't it time that your executive résumé also proves that same level of excellence? How else will you stand out from the pack? Our powerful 7-dimensional approach to building résumés will differentiate you as the choice candidate.

Your résumé is the only representative you have to speak for you. Résumés that do not clearly communicate in multiple dimensions get tossed – and it won’t matter if your qualifications and experience make you the best match for the position. In order to get the position you want, you need to make sure that you have a real advantage – starting with the very first words.

In order to take your professional résumé to a totally new level and power, Jackson Stevens Résumés uses a proven and trademarked strategy. Most résumés today are very limited in scope and will only present you in narrow and colorless 1 or 2-dimensional terms.

This won’t work in a business world that is looking for colorful, multi-dimensional individuals who are proven achievers. You must demonstrate the velocity, the efficiency, and the legacy of your achievements. Today's corporate hiring manager wants people who really stand out and have the résumé to prove it.

Seeing your résumé in an eye-opening 7-dimensional form yet still in a 2 page format will amaze you. It will get the attention of those who read it. Jackson Stevens Résumés has been helping those in upper management or C-level positions get placed for many years.

Here is a look at how the dynamic 7-dimensional system works. Your powerful new résumé will...

When it is complete, your new 7-dimensional résumé will overshadow the standard 1 and 2-dimensional résumé. Your resume will truly showcase your real capabilities, achievements, and your expertise will stand out - clearly and powerfully.

Listen to what one satisfied client – a CEO – said :

Jackson Stevens are very professional and have amazing insight into the resume writing process. They knew exactly how to position my resume and I have received immediate contacts from search professionals, all complimenting my resume. Their advice and knowledge is invaluable and selecting them was the best decision I could have made in moving my career search in a productive direction. After distributing my resume, I had more action in 1 day than I had in the 4 previous months.
Steven Resnick, CEO, Insite Inc.

Here is what an Executive Recruiter discovered by using Jackson Stevens:

What sets Jackson Stevens apart from others is their ability to take your skill set and word it in the exact way you hear it in your head. I met up with them after being unemployed for far too long. I was starting to question even my abilities. Jackson Stevens forced me to step outside of myself and “hear” the way the employer saw my résumé. Immediately my confidence began to restore. They have a true talent and passion for their work and it shows in all they do. In the end, I found a position within a month or two of getting my new résumé completed
Jenny Chavez, Executive Recruiter at Management Recruiters of Racine, WI

Putting a dynamic 7-dimensional résumé on your side is a powerful way to give yourself the advantage you need.

If you are serious about getting the right position with better pay, then you need to add a high caliber executive résumé to your strategic marketing tools in your job search. Don’t make the mistake of wasting time by sending out another ineffective résumé.

Words Sell. Well-organized personal selling messages (résumés) get interviews. If you are serious about getting more interviews you need to talk to Jackson Stevens.

In order to help you know and see that there is a real difference in what Jackson Stevens Résumé service can do for you, Jackson Stevens offers a free 30-minute consultation with your résumé. In that short period of time you will be able to see measurable differences that can be made and begin to understand how a 7-dimensional résumé will quickly make you the obvious candidate. We have never before endorsed any kind of résumé service. We are endorsing this because we have seen the results.

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