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Organizational Improvement

Improve productivity and the bottom line of your organization, and concurrently improve the morale and loyalty of your employees!

The two do actually go hand in hand, and over the past few years American business has lost sight of this connection. We go through the motions and fads, but we still do not engage the working force.

“75% of American workers are not really engaged in their work.”


For the most part, they show up, but only produce at a minimum requirement level. This costs American business millions of dollars in inefficiencies.

Why? Because employees at all levels—union employees, front line supervisors, middle managers, and even executives—do not have a true “line of sight” as to why they and their jobs are important and a corresponding commitment to the job, and the company.

Ropella has a process that will assist you in developing this “line of sight” commitment and improve the performance and productivity of the entire workforce—from the senior team down to the latest union hire on the floor.

It is a very cost effective and fun. The senior team establishes the desired parameters, and then every leader at every level in the organization helps to carry a consistent message of the company vision, mission, values and goals. This is not mere lip-service, but honest commitment.

Having everyone “truly onboard” is the difference between companies that are leaders, and the companies that are “also-rans.”