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Organizational Improvement Series

Ropella has developed over 70 specific modules that can be combined to create a customized program for your needs. Listed here are general programs for Organizational Improvement.

Team Building

Does your leadership have meetings where everyone listens politely, but impatiently, then leaves, goes back to their departments, and subsequently ignores what was said? Do they return to business as usual? Do some people leave the meetings confused? Do you have people who always have an excuse to not participate, and fail to pull their share of the load? Do they spend more time complaining about work, and less time providing suggestions on how to improve things? If so, our Team Building sessions can help.

We will build a program to meet your specific needs, to develop a cohesive, supportive, and accountable team, working together better to achieve your common goals. We measure our success by how well you succeed at building a better, stronger, more unified team.

Customer Care and Service

In their best-selling book, First Break All the Rules, Marcus Buckingham and Curt Coffman tells us that customer service expectations vary from industry to industry—except for Four Expectations. These four are common to every business in America.
How well do your customer service reps understand these four expectations, and how effective are they at satisfying them? Do they know what the four are?

Our Customer Service Enhancement program is designed to empower your front line people with the skills and techniques that will make your customers happy and grow your customer base.

Front-line Leadership – Lead From The Front!

Are your first line managers, supervisors, and foremen prepared to lead your organization and employees to the levels of excellence you need to be competitive? If not, why? There are many reasons why the front-line supervisors may not be operating at their best. Some just do not know what their leadership expects from them, some think they are meeting desired objectives, and some just do not have the skills to be effective leaders. Whatever the issues are, most likely they want to exceed expectations, and only need some guidance and training to do so.

Our solution focuses on improving what we have found to be the two most significant obstacles to better front-line manger performance: poor organization-wide communications and basic leadership skills. Our programs are custom designed for your organization and will equip your front-line people with the skills and insights to excel.

Diversity and Inclusion

Business community–Get Ready! You are about to face what is possibly the largest diversity/inclusion problem of the last 100 years. Generation Y has arrived. This diversity problem/opportunity will be about diversity of thinking, and basic values. Are you ready to integrate these 70 million plus workers into your workforce? Will it be a seamless operation, or will you have massive turnover from lack of compatibility with your standard procedures and their great sense of independence?

Our diversity and inclusion programs will assist you in developing insights and techniques to assimilate these workers, enhance their productivity, and achieve a high retention rate.

Strategy / Strategic Planning

How compelling is your company vision? Does it begin and end with a value creation? If not, why are you in business? Companies that survive and prosper over the years, and in the face of changing world and economic conditions all possess visions based on value creation. They then have a strategy to achieve that vision and an implementation/execution plan to “make it happen.” Have you evaluated your vision and strategic plan recently? Have you done so in light of the globalization and innovation? Many leaders believe they cannot afford to “take the time off” to talk and to think about their strategy. Bill Gates has said that leaders should “Take two ‘retreats’ every year. Leave your office to develop long-term strategies.” 

Our unique off-site retreats will enable your leaders to be focused and innovative, while working together to develop “break-through” strategies for your future.  Develop a laser focused vision and strategic plan to accelerate your business to the “top of the leader board.”

Ethics in Business

“Danger, Will Robinson!” During the 1960’s, there was a popular TV show, called Lost in Space. The Robinson family had a young son, Will, whose job was to maintain the space ship’s robot, an important intelligence system. Will, brilliant at electronics, frequently had trouble identifying who were the “bad guys” and who were the ”good guys.” With superior intelligence, the robot would warn Will before he became engaged with some “bad guys. ”Where is that robot today? American business is facing a major crisis, not only from globalization and technology, but from lack of trust in corporate leadership. We are skeptical about the ethical quality of many of our leaders. The unsettling number of corporate ethics scandals has made skeptics of most of us. The May, 2006 Lichtman/Zogby Interactive poll asked Americans to rate various categories for trustworthiness on a scale of 1(low) to 5 (high). Corporate executives were among the lowest of the low: Only 7% of Americans polled rated corporate execs high, while 69% rated them low.

Perception, for many, is reality! How do your employees and your customers perceive your leadership?  Our business ethics process begins with an assessment to determine how the leadership, employees, and customers view the ethics of the company, as well as what they expect. We then assist you in developing and implementing your own unique plan for the benefit of all. Be the ethical and profitable company you can be.