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The SMART Talent Management System, developed by Patrick Ropella, helps you recruit great people and keep them loyal to the organization. This system helps you understand, assimilate and execute today’s best processes, programs and practices for Sourcing and Marketing to potential candidates, Assessing and Recruiting top talent, Retaining & Training employees and Transforming your organization for the better. This complete system is detailed and outlined in Patrick Ropella's step-by-step book, The Right Hire.

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Techniques for Behavior-Based Interviewing
A candidate's skills and experience can only reveal so much information. You need to know more than that in order to select the best candidates. The more you understand about their character and behavior the better you'll understand the candidate's likelihood of success.

Posted: 08/17/2015

Pre-Hire, Talent, and 360 Checkups!

Top 10 Rules When Working With A Headhunter
A company that is willing to pay for a Headhunter is a company that takes hiring seriously, and they understand the need to make the right hire and find the right fit.

Posted: March 2016