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Take your staff and organization to the next level by investing in their skills and potential.


Executing More Effective Performance Reviews
How to make performance reviews not only easier to conduct and more effective, but also a powerful catalyst that dramatically improves communication and spurs company performance.
Get a Better Handle on Leadership Stress
For executives, the problem with stress occurs when the pressure becomes more dominant than the objective.
Keep Peace in the Office
While you may not be able to change the personalities of the players on your team, you can take back control. As a manager, you hold the key to keeping the peace.
Performance Management Ideas
Think of a performance management system as a tune up for your department—it helps keep everything in check and ensures that all components are running as smoothly and efficiently as possible.
Plan to Succeed
A strategic plan gives a company its direction, helping its leaders navigate the often-treacherous waters of today’s ever-changing marketplace.
Succession Planning:  What is it and who needs it?
The more appropriate name for implementing this tactic is “replacement planning.” While this approach might be an acceptable stop-gap measure, and it may work just fine at lower levels of an organization, it really doesn’t fill the need for true succession planning.
The Multi-Generation Workplace: A Simple Solution?
From the large, multinational corporations to SMEs, the pool of experienced, executive-level workers is diminishing, and new blood will have to come from the distinctly different generations, dubbed Generation Y, and Z. Is there a relatively simple solution that works across all generations?