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Globalization and evolving technology has made the need for innovation greater than ever. Yet many companies are being left behind. Ropella can help transform your organization’s creativity, productivity and alignment by improving core leadership skills—the foundation of innovation and organizational improvement.


A Critical Partnership
To realize your vision takes more than great strategy and implementation. You need to create “strategic alignment” to make the strategy an integral part of the very fiber of your organization.
Building a Dream Team
Complex factors—ranging from the level of interdependence among members, to contextual conditions in which the team operates—can either enhance or erode team dynamics and its effectiveness.
Communication Excellence
Every human communication interaction, be it face-toface, written, telephone, or other means, has three critical components...
Crisis Leadership: The Top Ten Mistakes Leaders Make and How to Avoid Them
How do leaders prepare themselves and their teams to face a crisis and win? What are the leadership competencies essential to successfully assessing risk and navigating through an actual crisis?
Do You Need Workforce Planning?
Workforce planning helps to smooth out inevitable business cycles, and prevent human capital shortages and surpluses before they occur.
Effective Delegation
My experience in management, teaching, and coaching leaders confirms there are two major reasons front-line leaders do not delegate. First, they do not clearly understand the concept of delegation, and second, they do not understand how to delegate.
Essential Leadership Traits
Psychological assessments have been used to determine what characteristics are most commonly noted among successful leaders and can be used for developmental purposes to help managers gain insight, develop their leadership skills, and for selection purposes.
How to Motivate
In my experience, the single greatest mistake made by leaders at any level of the organization is to focus too much attention on attempts to motivate individuals rather than create a motivational work environment.
Leaders Forum - Interview with Colonel Harry LeBoeuf (Video)
Patrick Ropella interviews retired Air Force Colonel Harry LeBoeuf about his perspectives and experiences relating to hiring, interviewing, and leadership.
Leaders Forum - Interview with Dr. Jim Harris (Video)
Patrick Ropella interviews Dr. Jim Harris, To A Higher Level, about his hiring and interview experiences, as well as his perspectives on leadership within an organization.
Leaders Forum - Interview with General Arthur Lichte (Video)
Patrick Ropella interviews retired 4-Star Air Force General Arthur Lichte about his perspectives and experiences relating to hiring, interviewing, and leadership.
Leaders Forum - Interview with General Chuck Horner (Video)
Patrick Ropella interviews retired 4-star Air Force General Chuck Horner about his perspectives and experiences relating to hiring, interviewing, and leadership.
Leaders Forum - Interview with Michael Goehring (Video)
Patrick Ropella interviews retired U.S. Secret Service Agent Michael Goehring about his perspectives and experiences relating to hiring, interviewing, and leadership.
Now What?
During economic downturns we have had to make some really tough decisions. But now what? I’m sure you have asked yourself, what should you do next?
Planning and Organizing Excellence
Planning and organizing? Isn’t this just another phrase for time management? Aren’t we as front-line leaders expected to effectively manage our time and the time of our employees? The answer is...yes and no. Yes, front-line leaders are indeed expected to effectively manage both their time and their team’s time. No, planning and organizing is not just another phrase for time management.
Problem Solving Like a Pro
Problems abound in the trenches. Screaming customers. Irrational employees. Misplaced inventory. Internal politics. Budget cuts. System malfunctions. Those of us who live in the trenches understand that to thrive, even to survive, leaders need solid, powerful problem-solving skills.
Refining Your Executive Onboarding Process
Today, in our fast-paced, customer-focused, and increasingly technical world, it takes much more to get a recently hired manager or executive up to speed and ready to “run with the big dogs” so to speak. As a matter of fact, you may as well drop the word “orientation” from your vocabulary and replace it with onboarding.
Three Kinds of Employees (Infographic Poster)
Your employees will generally fall into three categories. Identifying them and responding accordingly is part of effective talent management.
Visionary Leadership
Here are a few suggestions to keep your head on straight and provide the vision and leadership your organization needs to manage the risks, deal with the uncertainty, and continue to prosper for years to come.
What is Your ERM IQ?
Employee relationship management is the process of collecting employee data and then using that data to create tailored offerings for compensation, benefits, training, and management.
What You Should Know About Training Excellence
Front-line leaders know that training is only appropriate if an employee needs a specific skill or knowledge set that he does not currently possess to successfully fulfill his job. In all other cases, training is not the answer!
Workplace DNA: The Proper Profile
Every company (whether great or average or lousy) has a unique DNA, a particular combination of purpose and culture that separates it from any other - the “right stuff” for achieving great results in that company…and just in that company.