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Vision Casting Overview

Few things are more vital than clear communication, particularly if you are a leader.

Rather than just a quip to put in your company newsletter, your organization’s vision is a realistic picture of what you want your organization, team, or endeavor to become. It is a reflection of why your business exists.

“The truth is that nearly anyone can steer the ship, but it takes a leader to chart the course… they see the whole trip in their minds before they leave the dock. They have a vision for their destination…”

The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership,
John Maxwell

Without effective vision casting, your workforce will not be aligned, will lack consistency, misunderstand your values, and often have little or no connectivity. It is one thing for your organization to have vision, but without clear communication, that vision will never become reality. Until others in your organization have understood the vision well enough to articulate it themselves, they cannot be expected to pursue it with passion. You can’t hit what you aren’t aiming for.

If your vision is to be attained, it must be shared and understood by everyone within the organization. Part of growing successfully is attracting, training, and retaining employees who will see your vision to completion.  It is that communication and empowering to achieve it that enables individuals and companies to do great things. Ropella can help your organization align and inform your workforce through our experience in:

  • Communicating loud and clear across all levels consistently
  • Building teamwork and involving others
  • Giving significance through meaning
  • And making it personal

Change Management / Innovation

The world is constantly changing, right?  We all know that to be true, but, what are we doing about it? And, how does it impact our business future?
There are three basic approaches to change:

  • Change by Crisis: You fight change until it overwhelms you.  This is also known as decision by indecision–You have given up control.
  • Change by Evolution: You notice that the world is changing around you, and you adapt. Be aware that your competitors may adapt more quickly than you–and gain an edge.
  • Change by Understanding and Anticipation: Create your own future by staying aware of the changing world around you, and looking at change as a friend and an opportunity.  This does not imply change merely for change sake; that is a form of capitulation.  It does mean due diligence, and being open to change, if needed.

How is your organization approaching change? Our change management workshops will help you develop insights into the pending changes in your industry, so that you can stay ahead of the “change power curve,” and be the industry leader of the future.

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