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How Can I Negotiate the Best Deal with Potential Employers?

Chances are, you’ve already been through screening, interviewing, assessment testing, and referencing by the time a negotiation begins.  Know what you want out of the deal before sitting down at the table and stick to your values and requirements:

  • Prepare and rehearse how “high” you are willing to go and what compromises you are willing to make to determine your “walk-away” point.
  • Consider taking incentives such as flextime, childcare, or telecommuting to sweeten the overall offer.
  • Ask the employer to put agreements in writing to avoid backtracking later in the process. 
  • Be leery of a recruiter who gets emotional and starts to play hardball. If negotiations take a negative turn, irreparable damage to your morale may occur before the job begins.
  • After you’ve reached an acceptable agreement, allow time to reflect and review all the terms of the deal.  There may still be ways to improve the final agreement for both parties.


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