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How Do I Find A Job With Satisfied Employees?

I want to work with people who like their job.  What should I look for when interviewing?

Unsatisfied co-workers are difficult to work with and eventually take a toll on your personal happiness.  While some companies invest in formal initiatives to boost job satisfaction, the long-term solution is a good management team.  Look for these qualities in management you meet:

  • A hiring practice that spans beyond your skill set.  Make sure the interviewer asks about your personal goals and expectations.  They should be looking for employees who fit their company culture, not only the job description.
  • An appreciation for training and learning.  People feel energized and satisfied with their work when management opens doors for professional enhancement.
  • A smiling staff with a sense of humor.  Management should find small ways to make each day enjoyable to keep stress and unhappiness at bay.


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