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How do I identify a star candidate for the job?

The competitive nature of today’s marketplace minimizes the impact of a stellar résumé making interviews more critical than ever. These unique interview techniques enable hiring managers to go beyond skills and experience to discover how candidates may fit with company culture, respond to stress or solve problems:

  • End the interview with “we’ve got five more minutes.” The phrase prompts the candidate to say the most important thing(s) about him or herself.
  • Observe a personal aspect of the candidate by walking them to their car, taking them to lunch or asking them to drive you somewhere for an errand.
  • During the interview, drop a pen on the floor to see if the candidate is considerate enough to pick it up or even notices the pen at all.
  • Create a tense situation by making the person wait, changing appointment times, frowning, or walking briskly to your office and observe the candidate’s reaction.
  • Ask brainteasers or trick questions to check problem-solving skills.
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