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How do I know when to hire additional employees?

Balancing your company workload with available staff can be challenging.  Especially, in industries that experience natural highs and lows of demand. You don’t want to hire unnecessarily for a short-term fix.  Nor do you want to miss opportunities due to lack of staffing.  Consider these factors to make informed hiring decisions:

  • Head the warning sign of missed deadlines. Inadequate staffing levels can cause serious production delays.  It may be time to staff up.
  • Watch for employee burnout. An increase in sick time taken, health insurance claims, and leave of absences may indicate an overworked staff.
  • Don’t compromise quality. Bring in fresh talent if you notice an overtired workforce increasingly making mistakes.
  • Inventory your staff.  Make sure you have appropriate talent on hand to stay in the running if a big opportunity comes your way.
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