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How do I sharpen my employee negotiation skills?

A negotiation is a series of give-and-take agreements that benefit both parties.  It must remain win-win to be an energizing experience and create the best deal for all involved. These tips will help you get prepared, anticipate demands, and act firmly:

  • Put all compensation options on the table to maximize the pie.  Include salary, incentives, benefits, prerequisites, and opportunities for career advancement.
  • Keep your ears and mind open. Listen and recognize what the candidate values.
  • Think outside of the paycheck.  Be prepared to offer incentives such as flextime, childcare, or telecommuting.
  • Speak First. A positive opening statement from you builds trust and goodwill with the potential new hire.
  • Sit on it.  Avoid being perceived as a pushover by working a concession into the deal at a later point, not the moment that you recognize you can compromise.


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