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How to Find Highly Profitable Employees

How do I spot a high achiever?

Go beyond traditional hiring techniques such as resume review and interviews.  Pay attention to behavioral traits typically linked to superior performance.

  • Most top performing employees are “take charge” kinds of people. Ask the candidate to provide specific examples of where he or she went above and beyond the call of duty.
  • Determine if the candidate is confrontational, has a positive self-image, and can focus clearly on goals and objectives.
  • Find out how if the candidate finds alternate ways to succeed when faced with roadblocks.
  • Look for functional product knowledge, comprehensive knowledge of the market or territory, or basic critical thinking skills.
  • Top performers accept constructive criticism, deal with controversy, and understand that others can provide valuable ideas.
  • Effective leaders are honest and have integrity. They work to develop other’s strengths, and show trust in the abilities of their co-workers and associates.


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