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How To Find the Right Employer

How do I know if a company is an Employer of Choice?

Before accepting a job offer, make sure the hiring company is committed to standing apart from the crowd.  Ask the following questions during your interview:

  • Do you provide training opportunities?  Employers that are committed to the success of their staff provide guidance, financial assistance, and follow-up support.
  • What benefits are included?  Choice employees often offer non-financial benefits including casual day, flex hours, and gym memberships.
  • Do you participate in the community? An employer who makes efforts to make the world a better place will also be dedicated to improving the quality of life of their staff.
  • Is work-life balance a priority? Programs such as telecommuting and vacation storage banks aid employees in finding balance.
  • What is my role in the “big picture” of the company?  A nurturing work environment values opinions and fosters creativity, which challenges employees to think and improve upon current processes.


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