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How to Prevent Employees From Missing Goals

More often than not, an environmental issue is the root cause for failure, not employee incompetence.  Make sure employees fit well with their manager, their co-workers, and your corporate culture before they are hired.

  • Prevent Conflict with Managers – Do not assign an individual needing a lot of hand holding under an overstressed supervisor who already has too many responsibilities.
  • Prevent Conflict with Peers – Provide conflict and diversity training and mix up teams to let employees practice working with diverse individuals.
  • Prevent Conflict in Values, Ethics, and Style - Forcing a square peg into a round hole does nothing more than frustrate the peg and damage the hole.  Hire the right people.
  • Prevent Skill Deficiency - Use behavioral assessment to spotlight incompatibilities before they occur.  Do not only rely on resumes.


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