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How to Tailor Your Communication to Co-Workers

From co-workers to bosses, everyone has a different approach to doing things.  How do I get my point across?

Learn to recognize traits of the four basic personality types.  Then, adapt your style of interaction to communicate with fellow employees and bosses.

  • Socializers focus on feelings and emotions. Spend time talking with them to butter them up before diving into a work need.
  • Analyzers require hard facts before making decisions.  Help them gather information and grant them plenty of time to review all data.
  • Actionizers may appear impatient and competitive.  Get your point across quickly to keep their attention.  Control your emotions around them and learn not to take feedback personally.
  • Energizers get excited about the big picture and provide creative solutions to challenges at work.  Show enthusiasm and stay optimistic to keep them engaged.


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