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My career feels like a runaway train. What can I do to regain control?

If left unchecked, your career can take you on an unplanned path, running over many things along the way. You must be proactive and dedicated to find your personal direction and purpose. Take charge of your career destiny with a few simple steps:

  • Get to know yourself. Create a list of ten items most important to you in a career. By cultivating a sense of awareness, you increase the chance of finding opportunities best suited to your goals.
  • Map out your ideal future. It is important to revisit your map often as career goals can change over time. As you find new things to inspire you, adjust the map to meet your long-term vision.
  • Stay at the forefront of your industry. Read trade journals, take professional seminars, and uncover hidden opportunities within your current position so you stay marketable and first in line for promotions.
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