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Revealing the Secrets of Motivation

I have a very diverse staff, but want to keep everyone motivated.  Do you have any tips for motivating employees across the board?

Developing one plan to positively impact all employees can seem like an impossible task. Some employees are inspired by accomplishing meaningful tasks, while others are fueled by a sense of stability and belonging. Here are five universal motivation tips to foster motivated employees:

  • Communicate openly, honestly, and often. Solicit ideas, ask for input, and compromise between what is beneficial for your employees and your bottom line.
  • Set clear expectations. Monitor the amount of responsibility given to each person and be careful not to overload anyone.
  • Fuel their passion. Encourage people to share their ideas, challenge each other and brainstorm.
  • Break down the barriers. Be careful not to stifle creative license and independence with too many rules, policies, or micromanaging.
  • Reward and Recognize. Don’t overlook the benefits of some good old-fashioned recognition and genuine appreciation.
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