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What is the Ropella SMART Search System®?

The SMART Search System® takes the guesswork out of hiring to avoid disappointment and assure success

Ropella has revolutionized hiring in the same way Six Sigma revolutionized manufacturing.

Our proprietary SMART Search System offers you a customized, process-driven, 3-stage / 12-step process for finding and recruiting experienced employees with highly specialized skills.



Trusted by the world's top employers, this unique system identifies exactly what you're looking for, matches these requirements precisely with carefully screened candidates, and grades prospective employees on a comprehensive set of skills, behaviors, and expectations.

There is no guesswork or assumptions. This objective and comprehensive search system produces proven results and boasts a 95% search completion rate and 80% promotion rate, typically within 60 days or less.

Stage 1 - SMART Strategy & Launch

  Step 1: Aligning Expectations
  Step 2: Search Prep Questionaire
  Step 3: Opportunity Marketing Piece
  Step 4: Skills Survey
  Step 5: Candidate Scorecard
  Step 6: Performance Standards Assessment

Stage 2 - SMART Recruiting & Interviewing

  Step 7: Telephone Interviews
  Step 8: Behavior Based Interviews
  Step 9: Candidate Interview Debrief
  Step 10: Hiring Team Debrief

Stage 3 - SMART Hiring & Onboarding

  Step 11: Reference & Background Checks
  Step 12: Compensation Benefits & Relocation Assessment
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