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What Should I Do About Company Rumors?

I hear a lot of rumors from my co-workers that worry me and make me feel doubtful.  What can I do to ignore the water cooler gossip and focus on my work?

Whether global, local, or personal, fear shakes our confidence, causes stress, and keep us awake at night. Yet as scary as these situations may be, we often over-estimate the negatives and under-estimate our ability to deal with them.

  • Rumors quickly become unspoken truths, which cause you to make decisions based on false data.  Unmask your fears by making a list of worst-case scenarios.
  • Review personal resources and strengths, along with organizational competencies, that could be used as tools to combat the issues.
  • Develop contingency plans based on your list of strengths to help you feel prepared in the chance that your worst-case scenarios come true.


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