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What types of answers should I listen for when interviewing a candidate?

Hiring managers spend almost 80% of the time talking during interviews.  Unfortunately, lack of listening can result in hiring the wrong person for the job.  Incorporate these listening tips to gain better information about the candidate you’re evaluating:

  • Listen for comments that show the candidate has researched your company.  The best candidates do their homework and understand the issues you face.
  • Listen for specific examples indicating the candidate demonstrates the behaviors you want to hire.  A person who responds with theories instead of examples may not be qualified.
  • Pay attention to the level of excitement in the candidate’s voice.  Look for evidence that the potential hire is passionate about their work and your industry.
  • Odds are a pessimistic person is not a team player and could harm company culture. Listen for negativity such as gossiping, overconfidence, scoffing a prior employer, or lack of assertiveness.
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