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Searching for the ideal Executives can be highly challenging in the Chemical, Consumer Products, and Technology industries.

You're not just looking for a Senior Level Executive. You’re looking, as an example, for a person with prior surfactants product development expertise, who's also had high level business development experience in the European Consumer markets. Someone who is now at the general management level, with $250 million+ P&L and 15 years of talent management experience. By the way, the ideal candidate also needs to be working for a competitor of yours, who also serves dish detergent manufacturers. A very specific set of skills indeed!

We know how frustrating it can be to try to fill the highly specialized position that seems almost unfillable. We excel at finding the needle in the haystack.

Want top talent from competitors?
Have multiple roles to fill?
Leaders planning to retire?
Just received a resignation letter?

Call us and let's talk about Hiring Strategy, Succession Planning and Executing SMART Searches!

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Ropella's Insider Advantage

The world's top employers rely on Ropella's Insider Advantage to fill specialized positions in these highly demanding industries

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As the world's leading Executive Search Firm specializing in the chemical, consumer products and technology industries, our clients benefit from Ropella's Insider Advantage.

What is Ropella's Insider Advantage?

Our personal relationships, deep immersion in these industries and our SMART Search System® give our clients a huge competitive advantage when it comes to finding highly specialized executives.

Personal Relationships

Our global network of personal relationships is unmatched in our industry. We have made it our mission and culture to develop and maintain these relationships, by serving those who are hiring and those going through career transitions. Our comprehensive, up-to-date database and global networking reach will give you and your organization an insider's advantage.

Industry Immersion

We attend the same industry related conferences, symposiums and trade shows you attend. We read the same publications and trade journals you read, to keep current with evolving industry trends. We speak on current issues and write relevant articles as the authority on assessing and recruiting top talent, managing career transitions as well as retaining & training employees.

The SMART Search System®

Ropella's SMART Search System® helps us source and recruit highly specialized Executives you often just can't effectively reach on your own. The SMART Search System® has revolutionized hiring the same way Six Sigma revolutionized manufacturing. We've invested 35 years reviewing, researching and refining our proprietary search process in partnership with countless HR leaders and C-suite Executives, so that we can consistently provide you precise and predictable hiring results - unparalleled in the Executive Search Industry.

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