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Ropella has become the world's leading executive search and consulting firm specializing in the chemical, consumer products and technology industries. We attribute our success to our proprietary, 12-step recruitment process, The SMART Search System®.

The SMART Search System® has revolutionized hiring in the same way Six Sigma revolutionized manufacturing. We've invested almost 35 years reviewing, researching and refining our process to give you precise and predictable hiring results - unparalleled in the industry.

The SMART Search System® drives quality and speed. It helps us find highly specialized executives you can’t effectively recruit on your own, in about 10 days.
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The SMART Search System® is like Six Sigma for Executive Search

The SMART Search System® is a comprehensive 12-step process we created for sourcing and recruiting experienced talent with highly specialized skills. This is what we use to successfully complete every search.

Within this process, there are 4 key components our clients tell us are critical differentiators to our shared success: Ropella’s SMART Opportunity Marketing Piece, SMART Skill Survey, SMART Scorecard and the SMART Compensation Assessment.

SMART Opportunity Marketing Piece

Once we understand your search, our team designs an Opportunity Marketing Piece. We create this for each specific search to present your opportunity to passive candidates in the most motivating light.

SMART Skill Survey

We then create a custom skills & experiences application based on the MUST HAVES for your opportunity. This helps us identify and select for submission the most qualified A & B candidates that meet all your parameters. The C's are set aside.

SMART Scorecard

We score Executives as we move through the screening and interview process. We assess based on experience, cultural, management style, compensation & relo fit. We then measure how your offer stacks up against any competing opportunities.

SMART Compensation Assessment

Our proprietary Compensation Comparison Calculator merges the variety of complex compensation factors into one document for easy comparison of current and competing offers. This ensures you don't lose the perfect candidate to any competitor.

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We'll show you how we have used this exact system to successfully place hundreds of executives over the last 35 years. Instantly download the whole SMART Search System®.Instantly download or be emailed our proprietary, SMART Search System®.
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I speak for myself when I say that the Ropella "process" has been impressive with regard to other search firms and headhunters we've used in the past. Truly a dynamic process between the research efforts, skill surveys, marketing piece, and executive summaries.

Clint Shepard, M.B.A, Human Resources
DOW Chemical Company


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The Ropella Group has negotiated over $16 Million Dollars... in Total Compensation Plans for our Clients/Candidates in the last 3 years.
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