Envision. Engage. Execute.

TALON Overview









The TALON Leadership Transformation Challenge is a real-world simulation and immersive learning experience, placing your team right into a significant, unexpected event. How well do you and your team assess risk and manage crisis?

Would you be prepared in the event of a hurricane, a terrorist attack, an environmental catastrophe, or a mass riot? These events, though not expected, can and do occur, and what makes the difference is how prepared you are to face them.

The TALON Challenge has a definite team-building experience focus. Over the course of the workshops, you learn experientially the critical skills of Envisioning, Engaging, and Executing. Our action-oriented Leadership Training, is based on Accountability, Communications, and Trust: ACT. In the end, it's all about how your team ACTs together under life-threatening pressure, impossible time constraints and extreme stress and fatigue. Success here dramatically improves your ability to perform on the job, especially when you least expect a crisis to affect your organization.

Techniques and strategies used by the military, emergency responders, and police are studied and taught all while at the most exclusive resort and spa locations. Event facilitators are experts from Homeland Security, US Military, FBI, Secret Service, and other cutting-edge institutions. This unique experience will teach you world-class crisis management skills applicable for the crises that you may expect or never even see coming.